What Explorations-SFI is About - Our Travel Perspective

Explorations-SFI is about exploring as much of the world as possible for its own sake as well as for the perspective that traveling gives in relation to our own place in the world. Exploring means not only discovering the world and experiencing it, but also learning about ourselves.

People travel for many purposes--Relaxing, Getting away, "Checking the Box" for whatever 'top ten' or '1,000 places to visit before you die' list that caught our attention, getting the perfect "Instagrammable" snapshot, experiencing adventure, luxury, gastronomy, or culture of a particular destination, or even for gaining Points and Miles for loyalty programs. 

Explorations-SFI reflects the ideals, experiences, and best memories that we associate with Travel. This is why most products we sell reflect values of Fair Trade, Ethical Consumerism, and Sustainability. Such an approach not only helps maintain a connection to our own travel experiences and souvenirs, but also more directly rewards and benefits the peoples of far-flung locales throughout the world. 

From this perspective, our values are:

1. Travel as independently as possible and strive toward experiencing a destination.

2. Make human connections to local people. See how they live. Get their perspective.

3. Be flexible because through flexibility discoveries can be made.

4. Make travel real. In other words, make it more than "checking the box", getting a perfect Instagram photo, or following a list.

5. Make travel more accessible to people while mitigating the impact of mass tourism and remind the travel industry to uphold more inclusive, people-oriented values and to not just count dollars and cents.

6. Support Entrepreneurship that promises to make travel more accessible and inclusive, i.e. AirBNB, VRBO and Homeaway in addition to international hotel chains; discount airlines in addition to legacy carriers; immersive/experiential travel in addition to organized tours; and how about some way to make charter jet travel more accessible and driven more by leisure travelers?

7. Translate our travel experiences into our every day living through the purchases we make of artwork, clothing, home decor, jewelry, and other mementos through Fair Trade practices benefitting those people we may have met on our journeys or unique product discoveries that remind us of where we have been and what we have learned.